Food Truck

Valducci's Food Truck

The food truck roams the streets Monday – Friday and Special Events. Serving up NYC’s most delicious slice! After-parties are our specialty!

Get it While it’s Hot!
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The Menu


The Pie – Thin Crust Sicilian, Homemade Sauce, Fresh Mozzarella,
Basil and a Handful of Grated Cheese …. Slice or Pie

Big Boy Sicilian – Thick Crust, topped with Mozzarella
Slice or Pie


Peppers & Onions, Eggplant, Sweet, Delicate Yellow Roasted Peppers – roasted in our pizza oven
Homemade Meatballs – better than Grandma user to make! Creamy Ricotta

Specialty Pies

Vodka Pie ………………. Slice or Pie
Meatball & Ricotta ………………. Slice or Pie
Ricotta Pie – our regular pie with ricotta , mozzarella & grated cheese ……… Slice or Pie
Sicilian Oreganata – delicious flavored breadcrumb & olive oil …… Slice or Pie
White Pie – mozzarella, ricotta with a blend of imported italian cheeses … Pie Only

Pepper & Onion
Sicilian Slice
Pasta in Paper

Meatball Sandwich – best sandwich in the country
meatballs on home made semolina bread


Coke …… Diet Coke …… Water

Call Ahead for Quick Pick Up
212 470-8476


Our pizza truck is a mobile pizzeria.

Just tell us where to park our pizza truck. We fire up the oven and do the rest!

Rent our pizza truck or our POP-UP pizzeria… we go anywhere! We are full-service caterers from soup to nuts! We’ll supply tents, air conditioning, dance floor, frozen drink machines, popcorn, cotton candy makers, and full staff! Anything you desire… We do it all!

We cater for private parties such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays. We also cater corporate events, as well as concerts, events, and festivals.

Valducci's Food Truck